Patent portfolio plays an increasingly important role in a high-tech company, in IP protection as well as defending. What kind of ideas can be patented, what is the value of a patented technology, how to write up a technical aspect of a patent disclosure, who to work with to get a patent filed, how to perform technology transfer based on the patented technology, who to contact for licensing, defending or offending in IP, companies need to get help for many of the above-mentioned areas.

The challenges working with international partners in design and manufacturing include but not limited to culture differences, language barriers, communication, connections, and more sophisticated ways of protecting the IPs.


• Brainstorming, analyzing the technology and identifying valuable technology;

• Evaluate the prior art, the uniqueness and innovative of an idea;

• Evaluate the value of the technology;

• Consulting/coaching technical writing of a patent disclosure;

• Creating and managing a patent portfolio;

• Coordinate with international patent lawyers for patent filing/licensing/litigation;

• Keep track of the existing patent application process and progress;

• International technology transfer;                         

• Secure NDAs for international cooperation and communication;