Mainstay Global's Study Abroad services allow you to plan ahead for your child's education, get them admitted to the right schools, and adapt to life in America.


Step One: U.S Private Secondary School Application Process

Our Study Abroad services includes a school application process consultation, pre-study preparation guidance, guidance in selecting a school; standardized test preparation, applicant strength assessment, application strategy preparation; Guidance for preparation of application materials, review, modification, and submittal of the application, submittal of a recommendation letter to the targeted school; Assistance in contacting the school, interview guidance and assisting with admission schedules; Providing applicant with psychological counseling prior to arriving into the U.S. Providing tips for life in Texas for students and assisting parents in obtaining a visa with school invitation.


Step Two: Application Consultation Services

Services include application proofreading and translating, accompanying interviews and translations, assistance with purchase of airfare and itineraries during the application period, pick-up and hotel arrangements, visa application information review and visa interview guidance.


Step Three: Follow-up services after admission

Boarding students: Services include surrogate parents to communicate with the school regarding student status, planning off-campus weekend services (including shopping, groceries, social gatherings, etc.), medical treatment assistance, and providing students with accommodation during public holidays.

Commuting students: commuting services include assisting students in finding and identifying host families, surrogate parents and host families, assisting students with shopping, groceries, medical treatment, etc.

Mainstay Global's Concierge Service Department regularly organizes a wide range of activities for international students and families to partake in: community services, educational seminars, American cultural etiquette training and holiday activities