Mainstay Global Education Department offers the following services and programs.

1. Middle School and High School Applications

We help Chinese students apply for middle schools and high schools in the United States, especially in Texas. We work with top secondary schools in the Austin area including St Andrews, St Stephens, St Dominic Savio, St Michaels, etc.

• Application and initial interview

• Document collection

• Application facilitation


2. Student Management

We help to arrange students’ housing in the USA and provide all services that they may need.

• Pre and post arrival support

• Student housing

• Student guardianship

• School – Natural Parent liaising


3. Academic Planning

Our Early college planning ensures students are doing what they need to be doing to get ahead of the process.

• ESL and English improvement

• Private tutoring

• Academic interest assessment

• Academic interest definition/goals setting

• Academic advising/course selection

• Extracurricular profile development

• Summer activity planning

• External academic opportunities/academic competitions (if applicable)

• Diagnostic SAT & ACT testing

• Standardized test strategy

• Preliminary college visits


4. College Counseling

We work closely with families over their kids’ junior and/or senior year(s). Our counselors cover the following topics:

• College visits

• College list (up to 10 colleges)

• Admissions strategy

• Common App essay brainstorming & editing

• Supplemental essay brainstorming & editing

• Extracurricular activities list/résumé

• Letter of recommendation strategy

• Final application review

• Interview preparation

• Financial aid planning

• Decision support


5. Summer/Winter Short Education Programs

MG provides short education programs in the United States. The programs are one of the best ways to experience studying and living in the States. They are tailored to people with different backgrounds and different requirements. Some people attend the MG education programs to improve their English and prepare to study abroad later on; while others take advantage of this opportunity to learn about life and culture in the united states, which not only makes them more competitive in the work places, but also helps them learn how to communicate and collaborate with people from different cultures.

The following are the three main different types of short programs that we offer.

• Type I (students 16+ and young adults): these programs are geared towards high school students and college students. The programs are usually 2-8 weeks long, which provide participants opportunities not only to take academic lessons in American high schools or colleges but also to take part in cultural activities.

• Type II (students age 12-17): These 2-4 weeks long programs like summer camps are geared towards middle school and high school students. Chaperons will accompany students 24/7, including boarding, transportation, taking classes as well as city tours. Students’ safety is our top priority.

• Type III (adults and professionals): these programs can vary from weeks to months. They provide opportunities for people who want to further improve their English and communication skills as well as their understanding of the western cultures. One of the highlights of these programs is we offer the participants all kinds of local cultural activities. By participating in those activities, students have the best learning experience and best outputs that nowhere else they could get.


Some of our sample programs

• Summer program with Brown

Together with Brown University, we customized a two-week summer program that provide students the skills necessary for success in college and guiding them in their exploration of potential majors.

Students also participate in a rich program of events and activities. Days and nights on Brown’s lively summer campus are filled with workshops, activities and events that help them make friends and prepare for college life.

• Summer program with Georgetown University

Together with Georgetown University, we hosted Ivy League Prep Summer School, where students come and learn top US college application strategies, attend ivy league school information sessions, study financial knowledge and participate in entrepreneurship workshop. Students also have the opportunity to do an internship in a fortune 500 company.

• Winter program and field trips with Texas A&M

We collaborate with Texas A&M and provide kids with an opportunity to learn about adventures in marine biology, Coastal ecology and marine mammal workshop.

• ESL program

We partner up with many ESL schools in the United States to provide short and extensive English training programs with many cultural enrichment activities.